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Bookends 101 Bookends 202 Makers: Bronze-clad Gallery
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Antique bookends collection — many fine pairs of bronze or bronze-clad bookends from the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s Art Deco Period; a smattering of iron, spelter and carved wood or stone also shown; a few pieces of purely decorative bronze sculpture too; in no particular order.

“Scottie Dog” 1920s Pompeian Bronze Bookends Scottish Terrier“Owl on Books” 1920s Marian Bronze Bookends“Night and Day” 1920s Armor Bronze Bookends Michelangelo
BIG Vintage Carved Alabaster Cockatoo Bird vintage BookendsPolynesian Man and Woman Wedding 1950s Carved Wood BookendsKlungkung Bali 1940s Carved Wood Sculpture Bookends
"Foundry Worker" Solid Bronze Antique BookendsLincoln Cathedral Imp 1920s Solid Bronze Antique BookendsBIG “Sword Ready Pirate” 1920s Pompeian Bronze Bookends
"Owl on Books" Pompeian Bronze #56 Antique Bookends“Buffalo Hunt” Bison 1920s Solid Bronze Antique BookendsRonson Scottie Scottish Terrier Dog Antique Bookends
Mayflower Galleon Ships 1920s Galvano Bronze Antique BookendsTwo-pair “Dutch Couple” 1920s Pompeian Bronze BookendsPirate w/Dagger Herzel Pompeian Bronze Bookend
"Setters" bird-dog Cast Iron BookendsAsian "Chinese Students" Armor Bronze Antique Bookends“Woman Spinning Yarn” 1920s  Armor Bronze Antique Bookends
"Discus Thrower" Pompeian Bronze Bookends"Pilgrims" Thanksgiving Armor Bronze Bookends“The Tackle” 1920s Football Bronze-clad Antique Bookend
"Greek Athlete" Pompeian Bronze Bookend“Literature” Roman Scribe 1920s Pompeian Bronze Bookends"Dancing Girl" Nude Dancer Bronze Bookend
"Swashbuckler Pirate" Armor Bronze BookendsGeorge Washington Bust cast iron Bookends"Howling Wolf" wolves Bronze Bookends
Vizsla Hungarian hunting dog Bookends"Ride em Cowboy" 1930s Pompeian Bronze Antique BookendsEntertainer musician Pompeian Bronze Bookends
Ruffed Grouse 1920s Bronze Bird on Onyx Antique BookendsRooster hand-carved cherry folk art bookends"Galleon at Sea" 1920s Sailing Ship Bronze Bookends
“Chinese Ship Amoy” 1920s Pompeian Bronze Antique Bookends“The Covered Wagon” 1920s Pompeian Bronze Antique Bookends“Liberty Bell” 1910s Armor Bronze Antique Bookends
"Madonna" BIG Bronze Bookend statue figurineShepherd Girl and Flock Armor Bronze Bookends"Hydria Woman" Ancient Greece Bronze Bookends
"Lion" Lioness BIG Marion Bronze Bookends"Dickens" wall bust Pompeian Bronze Bookends"Creation Myth" Pompeian Bronze Bookend
Dante and Beatrice 1920s Gotham Art Bronze Antique Bookends"Shakespeare Bust" Galvano Bronze Bookends"Roses" Marquetry Wood-inlay Bookends
"Puppy Triplets" Dogs at wall Spelter Bookends"Elephant" Pompeian Bronze Bookends"Elephant" Pompeian Bronze Bookends
"Elephant" KBW Kathodion Bronze Works Bookends"Charging Elephants" Bronze-clad BookendsTall Ship + Lighthouse 1920s Pompeian Bronze Antique Bookends
"Dickens Bust" Armor Bronze Bookends“Dutch Couple” 1920s Pompeian Bronze Bookends, Light Patina“Dutch Couple” 1920s Pompeian Bronze Bookends, Dark Patina
“End of the Trail” 1920s Armor Bronze Antique BookendsBIG “End of the Trail” 1920s Galvano Bronze Bookends“German Shepherd” Dog 1920s Pompeian Bronze Antique Bookends
"Courtly Dancing Couple" Armor Bronze Bookends"Lincoln" Galvano or Pompeian Bronze Bookends"Joan of Arc" Knight BIG Armor Bronze Bookends
“Good Book” Monk Reading 1920s Armor Bronze Antique Bookends"A Welcome Guest" Armor Bronze Antique Bookends"Liberty Bell" Armor Bronze Bookends
Roaring Tiger 1920s Pompeian Bronze Bookend Statuette"Roundup" Western Cowboys Bronze Bookends"Longfellow" Galvano Bronze Bookends
Dante Alighieri Bust 1920s Galvano Bronze Antique Bookends"Shakespeare Bust" Armor Bronze BookendsShakespeare 1910s Pompeian Bronze Copper-clad Antique Bookend
"Dante and Beatrice" Galvano Bronze Antique Bookends"Dante and Beatrice" Galvano Bronze Bookends"Chinese Students" Universal Statuary Bookends
"Ink Well & Quill" Marquetry Wooden Bookends"Mountain Shepherd" Dog, Hubley Iron Bookend"Amish Couple" Wilton Iron Bookends
"Christian Science" 1939 Worlds Fair Bookends"Dante Alighieri" Connecticut Foundry Iron Antique Bookends"Musketeer" Herzel Pompeian Bronze Bookend
“Basket Case” Little Girl 1920s Armor Bronze Antique BookendsGrazing Buffalo Bison Pompeian Bronze Bookends"Glory" Chariot Horse Pompeian Bronze Bookends
"Darby and Joan" Armor Bronze Bookends"Appeal to the Great Spirit" Indian Bookends"Swashbuckler Pirate" Armor Bronze Bookends
"The Builder" Man-Like-Atlas Bronze Bookends“Cherub Reading” Child 1910s Armor Bronze Antique Bookends"End of the Trail" Ronson Spelter Bookends
"End of the Trail" Armor Bronze Bookends“Laughing Boy” 1920s Armor Bronze Antique Bookends"Dante and Beatrice" Galvano Bronze Bookends
"Dante and Beatrice" Galvano Bronze Bookendsc.1925 Native American Bronze-clad Antique BookendsPAIR Antique Armor-Copper/Bronze OWL BOOKENDS