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Buy with confidence. We offer a great selection of fine antique bookends for sale, particularly bronze-clad “electroformed” figural bookends from the Art Deco Period of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Highly collectible and with some examples truly rare and hard to find nowadays, our listings include a wide range of Art Deco bookends in bronze-clad, including animals and birds, couples and children, Asian and Native American, dogs and cats, presidents and literary greats, architectural, nautical, mythological — as well as some vintage or antique sand-cast iron, spelter, and solid bronze book ends.

Fierce Tiger Pompeian Bronze Sculpture Antique Bookend, sku 21001260Ruffed Grouse, Bronze Bird on Onyx Antique Bookends, sku 21001311End of the Trail, BIG Galvano Bronze Antique Bookends, sku 21001268
Roman Scribe, Pompeian Bronze Antique Bookends, sku 21001319Lincoln Imp, Solid Bronze Antique Bookends, sku 21001335Laughing Boy, Armor Bronze Antique Bookends, sku 21001235
Buffalo Hunt Bison Solid Bronze Antique Bookends, sku 21001332Good Book, Monk Reading Armor Bronze Antique Bookends, sku 21001263BIG Sword Ready Pirate, Pompeian Bronze Antique Bookends, sku 21001334
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